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At Island Shepherds, we are striving to create a breeding program that focuses on temperament, health and versatility. We understand that the majority of people in Hawaii who are looking for a German Shepherd puppy may not be interested or have the time to train in Schutzhund. However, it needs to be made clear that our breeding dogs come from working lines. Most puppies will have medium to higher drives/energy and will thus need an outlet. They may not be suitable for everyone. Please keep these things in mind when considering what kind of dog you may want. 

We are not trying to scare away those interested in a working line German Shepherd as they can be excellent dogs although we may be biased. We have just seen many times that people think they know what they want and think they are able to handle these dogs but return them a few weeks or months later when they can no longer handle them. Please do your research on the breed and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


If you have done the research and would like to move forward with applying for a puppy please note that just because you turn in an application it does not mean that you will be getting a puppy. We do not run on a first come first serve basis. Meaning, that just because you can show up with money does not mean that you will be getting a puppy. All applications will be thoroughly vetted. Phone interviews and home visits may be necessary. We do this because we care for our puppies and want them to go to the best homes possible. We may not be able to contact all applicants due to our very busy lives with work, training and puppies.

Please fill out our puppy application here


If your application has been accepted meaning we received and reviewed your application and feel like you would be a good fit to join the Island Shepherds family, you will receive a copy of our puppy contract to review. If after reviewing and you would like to proceed, you will be placed on a waitlist. Deposits will only be taken after puppies have been born.

Once puppies have been born, a $500 deposit must be made within 72 hours of being notified of the birth. If a deposit is not received, your place will be forfeited and given to the next family in line. 

New owners will not be choosing their puppies based on order of deposits. Puppies will be PLACED into suitable homes after undergoing temperament testing and evaluations (see our page "How we raise our puppies"). We do take into account your requested gender. Exceptions may be made for experienced sport/working homes. We DO NOT place puppies based on color however you may make requests. If there are no suitable puppies available and you have already made a deposit, your deposit can go toward the next available litter or the deposit can be returned to you. Deposits will not be returned if the new potential owner decides to reject the puppy that they have been placed with or for any other reason that they can no longer take the puppy.  

Most puppies will be ready to go home between 9-10 weeks old. Puppies may go home as early as 8 weeks under special circumstances and to experienced homes. The remainder of the purchase price will be due two days before pick up. 

All puppies will be AKC registered with LIMITED REGISTRATION. As responsible breeders we know that every dog will not be suitable for breeding. We try to breed to better the breed. We will gladly give full registration once certain requirements are met (i.e Obtaining titles, health clearances and breeding plans) and at our discretion. We do not charge extra for full registration but if it is agreed upon that full registration will be given it will be the owners responsibility to pay the AKC fee to change from limited to full. 

Puppies will also go home with the following:

*AKC limited registration
*First set of vaccinations (puppies who stay until 10 weeks old will have received their second set) 
*Screened for genetic diseases via embark

*Health Certificate from a licensed vet
*Limited health warranty
*Lifetime breeder support
*Free 30 day insurance certificate with Trupanion
*Puppy starter kit
*Half off our 2 week puppy basic obedience board and train program (Regular price $1200 - puppies must be between the ages of 6-12 months will record full vaccinations) 


Now is the time to bond and develop a relationship with your puppy. Become the most important thing to him or her. Start training early! You will always have lifetime support from us. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. 

While we hope that all of our puppies find their forever homes right from the start, we know that unexpected things can happen, so they will always have a home here at Island Shepherds. If for any reason you cannot keep the puppy/dog, they must be returned to Island Shepherds. They cannot be sold/rehomed without the breeders permission and must absolutely never be surrendered to a shelter. 


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