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Kody was the first dog that I had ever bought and took care of on my own. All my life I had wanted a German Shepherd and finally at age of 21 I had the opportunity to bring this wonderful boy into my life. At 8 weeks old he stole my heart and I fell in love instantly. However, I was totally uneducated and unprepared. I bought him from a backyard breeder and a little while later he developed parvo. But he was a fighter and survived. 

At the age of 5 he got sick and after many vet appointments and thousands of dollars later I was told the devastating news that he had developed Pulmonary Fibrosis. This disease replaces normal lung tissue with scar tissue which reduces lung capacity and makes daily life difficult. There is no cure and treatments are not very effective. So at the advice of my vet, I made the decision to humanely put him to sleep so that he no longer had to suffer. 

I made so many mistakes with him and have a lot of regrets but he is the reason that I vowed to be a better dog owner and to continuously educate myself. He will live on in my heart forever.

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